EveryCloud for Office 365

Office 365 is an effective solution for business email. It becomes a highly secure and reliable one when coupled with EveryCloud.

Remove the Risk of Office 365

Office 365 is an effective solution with great benefits but used by itself results in you putting all your organization's eggs in one basket with a single point of failure. Adding EveryCloud means when you experience downtime with Office 365, we’re still busy processing, securing and retaining your email.

Users can access, send and receive email as usual via our web portal or mobile devices even when Office 365 is unreachable.

Better Detection and Protection

EveryCloud has industry-leading detection as demonstrated by our 5-star average on Spiceworks.com with over 250 reviews. Placing us in front of Office 365 keeps you ahead of emerging, sophisticated threats and radically reduces the amount of spam and viruses your users receive.

Deep Search and Analysis

90-day inbound and outbound logs and up to 30-year email archiving lets you dig into your email data quickly to troubleshoot, release or identify issues with emails.

Cloud Solutions with the Flexibility of Traditional Exchange

Using traditional exchange, you're able to pick strong additional security, content control and archive emails. Plus have contingency plans for outages and data retention.

With EveryCloud along side, you’ll get all this and more. Giving you a full cloud solution with all the benefits of traditional exchange.