HTML5 Control Panel

Our new HTML5 Control Panel is now in Beta. The intuitive design and comprehensive features set, along with the ability to access it from anywhere, put it ahead of the pack for usability. 


Now In Beta

The New HTML5 Control Panel is now in Beta phase, with the full launch due in soon. We plan on running the two control panels side by side during the transition stage, then move to the new control panel only, once our customers and partners are ready.

screen shot of the control panel
screen shot of the control panel

Intuitive Design

The new control panel merges the email filtering and archiving workspace into one window whilst including quick filters, category summary, easy email actions and more. Quick search by direction, encryption, status, and size, help you find the email(s) you're after faster than ever.


Mobile Ready

The control panel has been built in HTML5 to be adaptable to desktop, tablet, and mobile environments, so users can manage their email from anywhere.

screen shot of the control panel

Get Access Now

To log in to the beta version of the control panel, you'll need to give an existing user access rights within the current control panel. Find out more here, or email for assistance.