Partners Guide: How to Run Free Phishing Simulations For Clients

Give Customer Value. Build a Strong Case for Security Awareness & Training.

As an MSP or Reseller, the new EveryCloud Security Awareness Training platform comes with a one-off free phish for each of your customers (and unlimited use for your own business). We’ll show you how to set up campaigns within our system below.
The full Security Awareness platform includes unlimited phishing and training campaigns (videos / questions & answers on a range of security topics) plus phishing email reporting via our Outlook plugin. Performing a free phishing simulation gives your customer immediate value and helps you demonstrate the need for the full service.
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First Access the Phishing Simulator

If you have an existing EveryCloud partner area login, you simply click on the link below. If you don't, just complete this form (selecting 'Partner'). Once you've verified your email address you'll have instant access.

Access the Phishing Simulator

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Step 1: Run Your Own Campaign 

To get familiar with the service, just follow the tour (that will start when you first login) to create a phishing campaign for your own organization. You'll need to whitelist our sending servers first, as the guide will explain. 

Step 2: Add a Customer (and your brand if you wish)

You can create a new customer attached to your partner account from the "Account Access" section. From there, click on 'Add New User'. Complete the details and select the 'Customer' role ('Child User' would create an additional user within your partner account). Get more detail here. You can share the login details with your customer or set up the free phishing campaign on their behalf. 
If you'd like to add your own brand to the portal, you can upload your logo from "Settings" in the left-hand menu.


Step 3: Run a Campaign for Your Customer

You'll need to whitelist our sending servers for your customer. Next add your customers' users for the campaign. Click on 'Users & Groups' in the left-hand menu, and click 'New Group'. Select their account in the 'Customer Account' field and upload their users via CSV. More details here.
Now you're ready to run the campaign! Click on 'Campaigns' from the left-hand menu and then 'New Campaign'. Select their customer account, the email template you'd like to use and the group you've created, and you're good to go! You can then watch the campaign results come in. Keep an eye on the 'Phish Risk' to understand the ratio of emails sent to clicked.

What Next? Explain the Value of a Full Security Awareness Service.

  • Ongoing Phishing Simulations radically reduce the chances of a successful attack and making phishing your organization pointless.
  • The full platform includes the training side: A learning management system with a range of cybersecurity videos and pre-set questions & answers. Educating users on cyber security radically reduces the risk of attacks.
  • User Reporting: The EveryCloud Outlook plugin allows users to report suspicions emails to the IT Department or you as their MSP. If it's a phishing simulation, it'll simply register the good work in the phishing portal. If it's real, it allows you act.
  • Offer tons of extra value if they sign up to the full EveryCloud Security Awareness Platform within 14 days of the free phish.

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